The Health Food Group
The Health Food Group

Welcome to the Health Food Group

We are a South African company positioned in the health foods industry. We’re seeking to broaden our global footprint and to further strengthen our position as pioneers in the growing market for wholesome and nutritious refreshments worldwide.

As an established enterprise with a number of innovative producers of healthy snack  and on-the-go food already under our wing, we are set for our next stage of growth.

Our focus on growing our current business and acquiring new ones is more than merely offering investment and growth capital. We have a long-term strategic vision for our businesses and a hands-on approach in board governance and operational management. This ensures scalable business models that bring exponential growth in our field of operations.

At the same time we cherish the proprietary know-how and inherent value of the businesses that we acquire. As such we pay tribute to passionate entrepreneurs and dedicated employees who created these unique and innovative business concerns over time. We believe that the human element is just as important as the financial investment and prefer to incorporate the know-how and expertise of all members of staff in the growth paths of our businesses.

The Health Food Group is a subsidiary of Acorn Agri and Food, a prominent South African agriculture and food group with a legacy of more than a century in these industries in Southern Africa.